Stay and Dining



Up to 4 people can stay in this room.
  • Facility 1F

    Garden, Hall (gallery space), Dining counter, Kitchen (staff only), Restroom, Changing, room, Oversized Goemon bath, Storehouse (gallery space), Indoor bath (annex)

  • Facility 2F


  • Services and amenities

    Equipped with refrigerator, electric kettle. Complimentary softdrinks (green tea, coffee and water).

  • Equipment

    Wood-burning stove, Gas stove, Air conditioner

  • Amenities

    Japanese bathrobe, haori coat, bathing suit for Goemon bath, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, sandals and hair dryer

  • For purchase

    Alhoholic beverages (Beer, Japanese sake and Sparkling wine) and Assorted softdrinks

Our dinner theme is Ishikawa Goemon’s last supper.

Salt-baked sea bream and rice cooked in hagama, a Japanese cauldron, both made in kamado, a stove of the oversized Goemon bath.

Ishikawa Goemon was a thief in the Azuchi-Momoyama period. He is known to have been captured while attempting to steal the Chidori incense burner belonging to Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and was sentenced to be boiled in a bath. Ishikawa Goemon is portrayed as a charming character who appears in many works as a chivalrous bandit in the Edo period. What was his last supper before being boiled in a bath? Please enjoy your dinner with your thoughts going to Goemon’s last supper.

*Dinner in photo is for two persons.


Breakfast is served with handcrafted bread made with natural yeast from citrus fruits in Momoshima. Enjoy it with citrus and strawberry jam from Momoshima and seasonal vegetables.

*Dinner in photo is for one persons.