Otsu 1731-GOEMON HOUSE has a permanent exhibition of works by renowned artists. Guests will spend a night with exciting art.
The nighttime exhibition, which cannot be seen during regular viewing, provides a special opportunity to experience the artworks even more deeply. We hope you will stay and enjoy the night.

Enoki Chu, "L.S.D.F 020"

LSDF020, a group of Enoki Chu’ss works, will be exhibited in the hall on the first floor of the main building. “Liberty C2H2,” a cannon object created with approximately 3 tons of shell casings and scrap iron that were actually used in the war, and a group of cast metal machine guns modeled after the former Soviet Union’s AK-47 and the U.S. AR-15.

 Yanagi Yukinori, "Bird in a Cage", 2018

Also on the first floor of the main building is Yanagi Yukinori’s new work created in 2018, “Caged Bird”. The Japanese sword used in this work was found in an abandoned house on the island of Momoshima, where an islander who served in the Pacific War survived a sinking warship wearing only this one sword.

Haraguchi Noriyuki, "The relationship of Canvas bag and Ropes", 2017

In the storehouse on the first floor, Haraguchi Noriyuki’s new work from 2017, “Relation between Barracks Bag and Rope” is on display. In this work, more than two tons of mooring rope from a large ship are packed into a large cloth bag, which stands on its own only by its weight.

Kinoshita Soga Megumi no Masagoji" by Utagawa Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada )

Also on view is the ukiyoe “Kinoshita Soga Megumi no Masagoji” by Utagawa Toyokuni III (Utagawa Kunisada) , which depicts Ishikawa Goemon’s punishment for being boiled in a bath, a legend of the “Goemon Bath.”